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My top 5 make-up products!

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Hi everyone! How are you doing?  I've had to write my exams this week but got to relax during my remaining two day break! Today, I wanted to share with you guys the make up products I swear by! Of course, these may change in the future so I'm not sure as to whether I want to make a monthly favorites or categorise by different kinds of makeup... For now, I'll just include everything I am in love with at the moment! I enjoy trying different things from all over the globe!

Let's not waste time and start counting down!

5. MAC Blitz & Glitz Fluidline - Gel Eyeliner

This is the first ever MAC product I ever purchased, building up my makeup obsession to where it is now! I chose Blitz & Glitz over Blacktrack for the subtle gold shimmer. I have repurchased this product and it has stuck by me for over a year and half and still hasn't dried out! My favourite thing about it is that it glides smoothly on my waterline and lids. The downside is the need to apply with a brush, the color fades a little throughout the day and reapplication may be difficult when you're always on the go! Nonetheless, thanks for sticking by me Blitz & Glitz!

P.S. Someone told me a method of using a hairdryer to liquefy the liner so it can settle nicely in the jar again... Comment if you know how it works, please and thank you!

4. Bioderma Crealine H2O Makeup Remover

I bought this back in the summertime way before I knew that everyone wanted a piece of this product. Even back then, I loved it. This makeup remover compares to olive oil - smooth, clean, and gentle. However, the price tag is atrocious, $30CAD for 500ml! While everyone online seems to be sad that this is only available to be purchased in Paris, France... that is not true - this can be found in Shopper Drugs Mart for Canadians! If you live in the US and wanted to try this, find a good day to cross the border!

3. Dollywink Liquid Eyeliner - Black

I bought this in Hong Kong although it is a Japanese brand, and I'm glad I purchased it. Otherwise, I would have just stared at it lovingly on my computer screen while cursing the price and shipping fees! This eyeliner has a very fine felt tip and does not tug. The colour payoff is a very deep, dark black, this is my go to for fixing up my makeup when I go out! The packaging is adorable, and it also makes a good hair accessory if you have long hair, haha!

2. Pupa Milano Multi-Effect Baked Eyeshadow Duo LUMINYS - Ombretto Cotto Duo Multi-Effecto

Wow, I never knew how long the name was! Pupa is a brand from Italy and their pigmentation is amazing. This duo consists of a dark brown eyeshadow with gold shimmer and a bronzy-gold eyeshadow that almost appears to be flakes at first! I am glad not many people know about Pupa, otherwise, I would have to worry running to the cash register and the products being out of stock! While there is a hefty price to pay for this duo, over $20 CAD, this duo consist of 2.2 grams of product! Canadians, you can find this at your local Rexall!

1. Tarina Taratino Jewel Shadow Palette - Diamond Dusk

I mostly bought this palette for the gorgeous packaging but once I tested this palette out, I found that these colors compliments my skin tone very well. It is pigmented as well as long wearing. These eyeshadows are very shimmery, and I love to do smokey eyes with the darker colours such as the graphite shade as matte eyeshadow tends to make my smokey eyes look like I got in a fist fight. 

Thanks for reading everyone! This is my top 5 makeup products at the moment and I hope you enjoyed reading. I will be doing in depth reviews as well as providing swatches for these products. Except for the makeup remover... Haha, you can hate me for making that pun... Anyways, comment with what your favourite product is or whether you have tried these products! Please follow me for my upcoming Valentine's Day tutorial, until then!

* I am not affiliated with these companies and I am just sharing my honest opinion!


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