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Nails - OPI Metallics Review

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Hey beauties! Even though these nails polishes have been released for a while now, I am drawn to the look again and again. Today, I will be reviewing Designer... de Better, and Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous with swatches!


The gold shade is my favourite nail polish at this moment, this is from the polish I picked from the OPI Muppets Collection. The name is Designer... de Better! It is a gold metallic shade with micro gold and silver shimmer.

This shade is gorgeous and has Butter London kind of feel to it. When reflected in the light, there is a baby pink sheen, or when you look closely, there are red micro shimmer embedded. While my lighting doesn't do this shade justice, I uploaded it nevertheless. Here's a swatch:

The second shade I purchased is named Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous, it is a silver metallic shade with micro silver shimmer. 


This shade is very modern, stylish and noticeable on the nails. When reflected in the light, there is a baby blue sheen. Here's a swatch:

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