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Benefit Tan About Town Kit Review!

posted by Regina


Hey everyone! I recently went to Sephora and saw this on the shelf for $15. I've always loved sample sizes and it looked promising so I picked it up! This sample kit is called Benefit Tan About Town and three samples are given to you: Some kind-a Gorgeous Foundation Faker in Medium, the Hoola Bronzer, and the famous Bad Gal Lash Mascara. This post is quite picture heavy, I hope you enjoy!

This is what the kit offers... I'll be doing individual reviews below as well as swatches and a demonstration at the end!

Some kind-a Gorgeous Foundation Faker

The label at the bottom suggests that it be applied evenly all over your face with your fingertips. This packaging looked cheap but very cute because of it's size. When it comes to the actual product though, it had a weird card box smell when I opened it and used it. I'm not sure what to think of this product or what the function of it is entirely... as it felt and looked greasy and the coverage was very light. With the retail price being $29, I'm glad I took the disappointment with the lower price. The sample size offers 1.8g of product as opposed to the 9.5g with the full sized product. Scroll down for swatches!

Hoola Bronzer

The Hoola Bronzer comes in a plastic packet that unfolds. I've excused this because they usually have card box packaging. This may actually be more durable for travelling purposes. The sample size gives you 3g as opposed to the full sized 11g which retails for $28 USD. I love this bronzer because it is matte and very smooth. Even though I have light skin, it looks very natural when dusted on and I can't wait til the summer time to use this daily! Scroll down for swatches!

A Little Bit BAD Gal Lash Mascara

I didn't know the small one and the big one had different names! Well, its more like an add on. A Little Bit BAD Gal Lash Mascara itself retails for $9 USD, in return, you get 4g of product. The full sized one retains for $19 USD and gives you 8.5g. I loved this mascara because this formula is a drier formula than most, which makes sense because it's not waterproof. There's the one downside! I didn't expect the bristles to be the exact same size as the full sized mascara but it was. I don't have voluminous lashes, which would be the most suitable for this mascara. Instead, I have short, stubby, thin lashes! While I liked this mascara, I don't think this is the best for me. Scroll down for my application of it at the bottom!

Mascara Application

1. I curled my eyelashes by curling them first with my Koji curler in No. 72. 
2. I used Covergirl Lashblashlength to help hold my curl.
3. I used BAD Gal Lash Mascara to wiggled it through my top and bottom lashes.
4. I let it dry after the first coat.
5. I applied a second coat using combing motions. Voila, we're finished!

You can see the difference below of which I have bare lashes (right eye) and lashes with BAD Gal mascara on (left eye)! It didn't make a major difference from a distance at all.


Top: Hoola Bronzer, Bottom: Some Kind-a Gorgeous in Medium
Without Flash/With Flash

Conclusion: Out of the 3, I have only thought of repurchasing the Hoola bronzer, though I'm still testing it out. The concealer did not do anything for me and the mascara simply is too pricey for the minimal amount of volume it gives my lashes. 

There it is everyone! This is my first in depth review and it's quite lengthy. So please tell me what you think in the comments and follow me if you want to see more, please and thank you! Have a good day!


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