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A little about myself!

posted by Regina


This should really should have been my first post but I got ahead of myself and went right into makeup! That should tell you a little something about myself though.. My name is Regina, and I am a new beauty blogger.  I got into cosmetics about a year ago! 

I'm a student and strives to show my individuality through fashion. I am not advertising for anyone, but want to share my honest opinion and thoughts with everyone! I sincerely hope you enjoy this blog. Some of the things I'll be blogging about soon are my hauls, product reviews, skincare tips, and even tutorials! I'm still struggling to figure out how to reformat everything because I imported this blog so I apologize if things end up looking weird. Please comment on what you think works and what doesn't! Anyways, it's nice to meet you guys, hope to see you around! 

P.S. The above photo is actually one of the steps to my Valentine's Day tutorial! Stay tuned by following, please and thank you!


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