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Archive for February 2012

Review - Liese Bubble Hair Colour!

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Sorry I haven't posted in a while everyone! Been busy studying... I am going to do a review on the Japanese hair dye brand, called either Liese or Prettia! Whatever name they're under, they still have the same packaging and models, so they are pretty recognized.
Liese hair dye uses the foaming method, so their full name would be Liese Bubble Hair Color, pretty cute. I bought mine in Sweet Apricot, here's the packaging:

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Benefit Tan About Town Kit Review!

posted by Regina


Hey everyone! I recently went to Sephora and saw this on the shelf for $15. I've always loved sample sizes and it looked promising so I picked it up! This sample kit is called Benefit Tan About Town and three samples are given to you: Some kind-a Gorgeous Foundation Faker in Medium, the Hoola Bronzer, and the famous Bad Gal Lash Mascara. This post is quite picture heavy, I hope you enjoy!

This is what the kit offers... I'll be doing individual reviews below as well as swatches and a demonstration at the end!

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Valentine's Day + Decorating - Using Perfume Bottles!

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Hey everyone, how was your Valentine's day? Doesn't matter who you spent it with, remember there is that special someone who'll always love you. <3 Sorry for being a cheeseball! Just wanted to show you some cupcakes I baked for my honey for Valentine's day! Here's a picture! Sorry if this is a bit random, I just love itty bitty foods!

Now, as promised, here is the post for room decoration! Sorry its so delayed, I'm in serious mood now. 

Today, I'll show you how to decorate your shelves with items you already have... perfume bottles!

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Nails - OPI Metallics Review

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Hey beauties! Even though these nails polishes have been released for a while now, I am drawn to the look again and again. Today, I will be reviewing Designer... de Better, and Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous with swatches!


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Haul - Burberry!

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Hey beautiful people! This is a haul post and I got two things from Burberry this past weekend! Here's the lovely logo:

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Tutorial - Valentine's Day Makeup!

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Hey gorgeous! I've been going on about this tutorial for some time now, especially in my "A little about myself!" post. Anyways, I created this simple look for Valentine's day because while traditional colours like bright pink and red are very bold, I believe Valentine's Day should be a glammed up version of any other day. I'll admit it, I'm a hopeless romantic and have a significant other. However, I believe he/she should treat you with respect and love everyday of the year! I kept my look very simple, soft and doe eyed! 

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My top 5 make-up products!

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Hi everyone! How are you doing?  I've had to write my exams this week but got to relax during my remaining two day break! Today, I wanted to share with you guys the make up products I swear by! Of course, these may change in the future so I'm not sure as to whether I want to make a monthly favorites or categorise by different kinds of makeup... For now, I'll just include everything I am in love with at the moment! I enjoy trying different things from all over the globe!

Let's not waste time and start counting down!

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