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Valentine's Day + Decorating - Using Perfume Bottles!

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Hey everyone, how was your Valentine's day? Doesn't matter who you spent it with, remember there is that special someone who'll always love you. <3 Sorry for being a cheeseball! Just wanted to show you some cupcakes I baked for my honey for Valentine's day! Here's a picture! Sorry if this is a bit random, I just love itty bitty foods!

Now, as promised, here is the post for room decoration! Sorry its so delayed, I'm in serious mood now. 

Today, I'll show you how to decorate your shelves with items you already have... perfume bottles!

As the average student, I know what it's like to have a cramped, messy table and a room that is not so presentable. My shelves used to be filled with papers, pencils, receipts and honestly the most random things ever! I would always be embarrassed when my friends came over... I thought of purchasing decorations and cute lil' trinkets, but didn't want to move around with them. So, gathering some of my mom's, my sister's and my perfume. I decorated my shelf with things that I own!

I added some shells that my friend gave me as a souvenir from vacation on the bottom and coiled a crystaline filled necklace around some perfumes at the top! So here's an idea to use what you already have to decorate your room! You can always layer your jewelry intricately to give your boring room some shine! 

Do you see your favourite perfume in the picture? Comment below and tell me what your favourite perfume is! Follow me if you like my blog, please and thank you!

I'm thinking about posting an OOTD and pictures from my adventure whilst visiting downtown Toronto, Canada. Tell me what you want to see in the future, until then! 


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