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Review - Liese Bubble Hair Colour!

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Sorry I haven't posted in a while everyone! Been busy studying... I am going to do a review on the Japanese hair dye brand, called either Liese or Prettia! Whatever name they're under, they still have the same packaging and models, so they are pretty recognized.
Liese hair dye uses the foaming method, so their full name would be Liese Bubble Hair Color, pretty cute. I bought mine in Sweet Apricot, here's the packaging:

Okay, now you've seen every aspect of the box! Inside, they provide an instruction manual in English, Japanese, and Chinese. As well as a pair of latex gloves, a bottle #1 and bottle #2 (with a cap and a pump). Firstly, you mix bottle 1, which is the colour formula into bottle 2, which is a white, milky looking liquid and screw a white cap on and instead of shaking, gently rock it back and forth. When the colour looks well mixed, you screw the pink cap provided. I'm sorry for taking a picture after everything was done, but my roots really needed to be fixed, haha! 

Finally, my hair was a dark, chocolate brown before and it turned out like this:

It's not exactly an apricot colour but my hair was quite dark before. I didn't experience any allergies and the dye didn't smell horrid. Overall, the 20 minutes it was on felt normal and I liked that it was different from the usual dripping dye experience. Of course, it gets better when you have someone else to massage it in for you, hehe! Oh, and sorry for the damaged looking hair, I've been going swimming lately, and only remembered to use deep hair conditioning mask recently...

Comment if you have tried this before and what colour and if you hadn't yet and wished to! Follow me if you enjoyed this post, please and thank you! Have a great day!


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