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Haul - Burberry!

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Hey beautiful people! This is a haul post and I got two things from Burberry this past weekend! Here's the lovely logo:

Sorry if the title was misleading and you guys thought I got a new purse or something! Remember, I'm only a student, haha! The first part of the haul is... new Burberry glasses! They're plain and black with wide frames since I don't like crazy distracting frames. I felt like I tried a billion pairs on before I chose this pair! 

I usually wear contacts, but had to get glasses as a backup. I had a similar pair previously but someone had to nerve to steal them - prescription glasses?! Makes no sense to me. Anyway, I took a picture of them with the box and case as well as on me.

What do you think, everyone? Do they suit me? I'm studying hard right now, it's quite stressful and you can see my blemishes in the above picture as proof, hehe! 

Since this is a beauty blog, I am bringing back the girlyness, I got a new Burberry perfume!

It is called Burberry Weekend. This is a very light, floral scent. Perfect to wear on a date and at school! While there's only 30ml, the sprayer does not bombard you with perfume, it sprays out very fine mist, so you don't have to worry about running out too quickly! This is my new favorite perfume right now next to Princess by Vera Wang!

Comment on what your favorite perfume is and follow if you want to see more! 
I have OPI and China Glaze nail reviews coming out, as well as organization tips to beautifying your room. Please look forward to them, until next post! 


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